Just a Little Update

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been on in quite a while, so I figured I would stop on in and give a little update. So, I saw my neurologist at the end of August, and he still doesn’t seem to think anything is wrong. However, he did say that he would order an MRI just to ease my mind. So, I’m going to have the MRI done sometime this week or next. There is a crucial update to my symptoms that has me very scared. I have began experiencing weakness/shaking and impaired motor skills. I’m fearing ms because I live in wine country and my neuro says it is very common. So, I’m actually holding out hope that I have Chiari, instead of ms or possibly even msa.


Glad that you are finally getting an MRI...I never had any luck with NL's...so in my opinion , I would make sure a NS looked at the MRI's as well as the ordering doc.

Pls keep us posted on whats going on.


Hi Max,

I am really sorry you are having so much going on with your body. I had this same conversation with a Member on the Tramatic Brain Injury forum recently. I personally have 21 white plaque places on my brain. I was incorrectly diagnosed with MS. Most people that I know have been diagnosed with MS at one time or another, by a well meaning NL. Please do not think the worst. A MRI is harmless and isn't painful. I know you will have more peace after it is done & you have a definite diagnosis. I will be thinking about you. Please let us know how you are doing.