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Journey down a path


It all started in early 2014 or earlier since the Doc said this was in me for a long long time. Any was I think it was Feb that I had 2 concussions both leaving me unconscious as far as I remember. I was still pretty much of a lost soul when I had another accident this time on the steps. I am not sure if I was going up down or what just know I woke up at the bottom. I had about 8 lines on my forehead from bouncing down the steps all little cuts. I was taken to the hospital and not sure if this one or another run to the ER that they found it. It was a large dark spot at the bottom of my neck that worried them. From there it was a long line of Doc's all knowing it all. One I saw had plans for surgery within a few days and never really did study the scans. I settled on Doctor Oro a pretty well known and well practiced in doing this surgery has written books as well. Any way he freaked and told me good that I wanted a second opinion after he looked at some of the scans. He then ordered a ton more scans which took about 2 months to get all of them done and have them all read by him. He had a worry that when the pressure was relieved from the area my spine would collapse and kill me within hours. After he made all those calculations he was sure surgery was going to be okay. In this time I got worse and worse I was to the point had I been pulled over while driving I would have failed a road side sobriety test I was that bad at everything.

Will do this in installments do not feel like typing that much!!