Is this the tropical storm?

I am now about 8 weeks post op. Have had my ups and downs of a “normal” recovery. But I am at the stage of 2 oxycodone a day usually around 4 in the afternoon with half of a Valium 5mg then again around ten before bed. The pain is probably tolerable but why suffer and I try to head it off before it builds up. Had a great weekend at the pool. Probably got to much sun (I do live for the sun) yesterday did the smart thing and stayed home and cool. Felt fine all day then BAM!!! As I am going to bed a terrible headache. Not surgical pain as I have been treating a full blown terrible headache. Fine one minute then terrible pain the next. I took 4 Advil and went to sleep restlessly with my ice pack. Woke up with it. Had to cancel an overdue lunch with my mom and gonna miss my sons field day. I am so f-ing sick of this. Just when you feel like you are better it takes you out again. My son said its okay mommy please just stop crying. I have done this damn thing twice when do you get a break? I am very frustrated and actually really angry. I am sorry to rant but why? Why a headache today. It almost feels like my head looks at the calendar and sees what matters then attacks. Could it be this tropical storm off the east coast? Is anyone else getting a headache unexpectedly. I just wanted to cry and vent to people who I hope u dear stand my frustration. Sorry to go and on.

I'm 3 months post-op and I got a headache also last night. A cold front blew in and my head blew up. I got vertigo for the first time since surgery this morning. I am tired of all this also. My NS says to give it time. I took my advil also and i'm drinking some caffeine. I am thankful that it is cooler today. I think I got too much sun as well. I hope you feel better.


I was just about to ask the same question! I am 3 months post op and about 3 weeks ago I started having extreme headaches. After a hospital workup they decided I did not have hydrocephalus but a MIGRAINE headache. They gave me IV meds and sent me home. Guess what, a few hours later it returned. Its not like a migraine at all! It comes and goes in what I like to call "attacks" They are so severe I feel like running back to the hospital because I just cant take it anymore. The surgeon said to just go back to my neurologist for migraines. What I cant understand is that before I started getting sick with Chiari, I had ONE migraine in 30 years. I am not sure what to do either. Last night it got so bad i took the migraine meds to stop it, and it only worked for a few hours. I am so confused...If anyone could help?