IS this Hereditary

Is there any possibility i could have gotten this from my mother?

Strange question probably but i phoned my mum today to let her know my news... anyway i started by asking her what her actual problems were with her back as i knew she has had spine problems... She told me she has been diagnosed with curviture of the spine and wear on the discs..

Anyway i thought right no connection there and told her about my Chiari... Without me telling her the symptoms list or anything she told me her symptoms that she suffers with...

Waking with headaches all the time. Pulsing in the head affter laughing or coughing

Lump in the throat and choaking all the time... also coughing fits from nothing

Tingling on the head.. (Described it as if something is crawling on her head)

Ringing in the ear

Memory Loss Esp particular words...

tingling in her arms and legs

and so much more that were on the symtoms list...

feeling sick for no reason


She has suffered with depression for the whole of my life and i know she has had a tough ride of it... but is it possible that she may be a chiari sufferer and never have been diagnosed or discovered? she has never had an MRI or anything like that and doctors and

could it be that my Chiari is inherited from her?

I dont know maybe im cluthching at straws but the things she described match up so well with the symptoms of this and she has never ever even heard of it.. there is no way she would have known the symptoms and matched to them so well....

Another Question.

Can someone have Chiari as a Baby and then it not give them symtoms again till they are an adult.

I recently requested my medical records from being a baby... They show that i was born at 8 lb 3

and taken into hospital at 6 months old weighing 10lb 5.... very underweight and underdeveloped... One thing the medical records go on to keep mentioning is that i was salivating loads and loads and sweating really bad for no reason. i was in hospital for approx 6 months and then later in my childhood i had problems with swallowing meat... most other things i was ok with but for some reasons i could not swallow meat and used to sit and chew it for hours and hours and eventually i would try to hide it because i just couldnt swallow it. This particular mystery we have never got to the bottom of but i did eventually start swallowing fine...

The doctors never knew what was causing my lack of weight gain and underdevelopment but suffice to say they suspected the worse from my home life..

What im asking is.. is this just pure coincidence? Could i have had this chiari then and somehow got over it. leaving me with headaches which have now started showing other symptoms?

Advice appreciated guys


Well, I have Chiari and so does one of my sons, I do not know if my other 2 children have it. I think it could be hereditary.