Is there any research on head trauma causing chiari 1 malformation

Needless to say since I was diagnosed with Chiari 1, I have been scouring the internet for more info. I saw a neurosurgeon recently and have decided to go with the surgery and now I have about a month until surgery. But I have been plagued wanting to know where this came from. Along with my internet research I pulled old medical records back to 2003, when I was hospitalized for some severe head trauma and they kept me under surveillance doing CT Scans and other tests, I pulled records from 2008 when I had a 3 month long headache that was never really diagnosed as more than a migraine. If Im honest with the world (and Im ready to be) I was in a 11 year long abusive relationship from 1998-2009, during those years I took a lot of punches and kicks to the face/head. In all the reports I have read including the MRI reports in 2008 I don't see Chiari mentioned anywhere, I am currently at 6mm. Does/do Chiari malformations just grow until detected and relieved? Obviously I would love to point the finger at my ex husband and say you did this... but there were no noted signs in 2008. I know from research that several people live asymptomatic for a long time but if I look back (hind sight is almost 20/20) I hve had symptoms for at least the last 3-4 years, but who goes to a neurosurgeon because they have dizzy spells or random headaches (I figured every single mom had her fair share of headaches)... My mind doesn't seem to turn off I have so many questions.

What is EDS and how would I know if I had/have it?

Thank you by the way for helping to answer my questions. And giving me new questions to find answers to before its too late.

Wow Lecha321, first off i'm sorry you had to go through the abusive relationship. Been there done that. I thought that maybe some of the things that I did as a child *multiple head traumas splitting my head open, induced by being a crazy kid* could have caused this, or maybe my time in roller derby was a factor. From what I've read, many believe this is something we're born with and doesn't really manifest itself to be a problem into adulthood. Whatever the reason, it's here now. I am still new to this site myself and recently diagnosed in Feb so I have a lot to learn from what others are posting.

I suffer from month-long headaches *this point I'm going on 3 months strong. Good luck to you and keep us posted on what you find out.