Is it possibly not CM?

I am going to see a new NL today so I am going through my MRI reports from last year. It said my left side was deciding 3mm and my right side was descending 5mm which they say is boarder line CM. I have several of the symptoms are Chiari and have for years, so if it’s so small is it possible it’s not CM? I am so confused and there is really no Dr.s in AZ who know much about CM…

A lot of people report symtoms with less than 5mm so there is a good chance it is causing your symptoms. Many of the experts don't agree with the belief that herniations less than 5mm are asymptomtic.

It seems most NL don't seem very knowledgeable about this and I have had 2 tell me that there is no way I can have symptoms with 8mm which is just not true! I wish you luck in your appointment!