Is it normal to have redness around staples?

My staples are due to be taken out on Monday, but it is very red around them, is that normal? It’s just red around the staples not the incision, I would add a pic but I’m using my phone and I don’t know how to do it from here.

I’ll add a pic to my page, but can’t add it to here.

No fever, but a couple spots do have a very small amount of draining and scabbing.

Beeba said:

Gonna look at picture. But in general with any wound. Is there any oozing? Are you running any fever? Is the area hot to touch? As you heal the skin shrinks in and tends to pull. I have had stitches both times and was happy to get them out. I am guessing you will experience an even greater relief. Remember skin is one of the most sensitive organs and the staple is a foreign body. As long as incision is healing well just keep clean and dry.

Yeah, I can’t get the pic to upload :frowning: but I am going to call the doc office in the am and talk to the nurse and send her the pic, thanks Beeba!

Beeba said:

Don’t see pics. I am gonna put my medical license on the line here - I am totally kidding. But did work in enough drs offices that I stick to my original take on it. The people I have heard who have had staple do complain that they pull pretty good right before removal. Ps - if you are scared of having the staples removed - don’t be. They use a really cool tool and they pop out easily. I used to help remove from c section patients. It was always so easy and they always seemed so relieved. I have heard the same about them being in the head. The skin is healing and shrinking so it is pulling. Think about getting ears pierced - they are red for days - if we were meant to have metal going through skin we would be born with it. If you are in any doubt and it would ease your mind tomorrow is Friday. You could take a pic and send to dr. He should be more than willing to ease your mind.

He said it was a little infected, so he just went ahead and took the staples out!