Is it genetic

ok i have seen on here where parent and their kids have Chiari.. is there anything that says that it can be genetic.. since my son was diagnose i have been doing alot of research and discovered that i have been suffering with alot of the symptoms since i was about 4 or 5... i dont know if i need to see if my dr can order an MRI for me to see if there is anything there or if its just a consistence that i have alot of the symptoms...

I lost the site but there is a study going on at Duke, I believe to study the hereditary scope of it. I will search again to see if I can find it cause I wanted to use it for my support group anyhow so it needs to be done. When I find it I will post it for you in this thread.

If you were to search it though you will find mixed results with a split school of thought that it can be or it is not. Personally I think it is, cause my brother has hydrocephallus which we know can be caused by CM but he refuses to get tested or have his old MRI films reread by a Chiari specialist.

Will hopefully find that study information for you and post it in a couple of days at the latest.


Hi Mikeys Mom,

He is so adorable!!! I am sorry he is having to deal with Chiari. As far as CM being genetic...It's a debateable subject. Many NS say no, it's not. Then you have many NS that say it is. I know we have several members that has multiple family members that are diagnosed or has CM symptoms. My daughter was tested because she has a Spinal Kyphosis & no one else in my family has CM, but mine was caused from having Spina Bifida Occulta & never knowing it. My Father was a Navy Seal & came in contact with Agent Orange in Vietnam causing my Spina Bifida. Maybe it is Genetic for some people and for others you can get it from Spina Bifida or by being in an accident. Those are the only possibilities I can think of. Maybe someone else will have different information or ideas.

Great Question.

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