Infected stitiches after surgery?

It looks like Abbey's stitches got infected. The lower half of the incision is redder than it was yesterday, the skin is 'puffy' (not sure how to describe it) and she has two what look like whiteheads (pimples) on the edge of the stitches. She's not running a fever, no red line and it is not hot to the touch.

Hope it's nothing but not willing to take any chances so we are headed back to Mary Bridge!

ER doc thinks they are pimples but he cultured them and is consulting with the NS on duty to see if they want to go ahead and start her on antibiotics just in case. She was on IV antibiotics in the hospital for the first two days.

I had close to the same thing after my surgery. Went to the error. It was an allergic reaction to something . Maybe the tape or glue they put on my stitches. Hope everything is good.

They sent her home on low dose antibiotics until the culture comes back but they don't think it's infected.

I had an allergic reaction to the glue they closed my incision with. My incision looked terrible. Red, puffy, and it itched so bad. Then later on I had a slight reaction to the internal stitches dissolving. I think it's fairly common. Hopefully the culture will come back fine! Keep us posted!

I think that Abbey's incision looked like that because she stopped putting ice packs on it. After a night with ice packs it was back to looking like it did when she was released!