Hi all, one of my symptoms I deal with my chiari and syringomyelia (c2-t11) is incontinence of the bladder and bowel and was wondering if its pretty a common symptom, I have read online that it is. Growing up I had bedwetting problems off and on in my teenage years and my incontinence started off minor 5 years ago from bedwetting that was consistent, then to leaks during the day as well as bowel accidents. Now 5 years later I have almost no feeling or control of when I have a bowel accident or when I urinate. When my incontinence started my off minor 5 years ago I thought it was a side effect from medication I took for bipolar disorder. I had seen a urologist and tried several medications which none had helped much at all. About 1 year and a half to 2 years ago I had to resort to wearing adult diapers 24/7, which seemed to be the only solution to live a somewhat normal life.

I had made a thread mentioning that I am getting decompressive surgery in the beginning of January, and I am wondering if the surgery goes well, would there be a possibility of it helping with my incontinence?

Agree, check tethered cord. I have urine incontinence (minor) that has worsened since decompression, but I think I might have another issue besides the CM. I’m looking into tethered cord and cranio cervical instability. The syrinx could also definitely contribute to this. Sorry you’re dealing with this- what an injustice. Stay strong Tom, your not alone with this. Ps I was a bed wetter too, way passed the “normal” age, in fact I remember it happening once when I was 18.