Inching along......Finally

I had an appointment to see my NL on 6/23. When I got there, I saw one of his colleagues rather than seeing him. This was a blessing in disguise. After assessing me, the other NL told me that although I am having a lot of pain due to Chiari, the other pain I feel has nothing to with the Chiari. And that my pain should be addressed immediately to prevent further nerve damage, and/or mental deterioration [ I could have kissed her for that, I was so happy to be validated!!!!!!]

She went to ask me why hasn't other doctors checked me for rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia being that my youngest daughter has RA and one of my other daughters has RA or fibromyalgia (she is still in the diagnosis phase)]. She offered to give me a referral to a rheumatologist who can manage the RA or fibromyalgia (Got the referral before I left the office). I told her, I been wondering the same thing.

This NL called me yesterday on 7/1 to tell me that my Medicaid denied payment for duluxetine (Cymbalta), but she just submitted the appeal letter to them, She said that lower tier medications won't even scratch the surface. I told her that she should be cloned. Lol

My appointment with the RA is on 7/22. My SSI Case is still pending. Although I have called and hounded doctors and hospitals, the Ohio Disability Determination has not received all of my medical records from the numerous ER visits at four hospitals. So, I just requested my medical records from each location. Hopefully, I will have them by the time my CE exam with the SSA appointed doctor comes around.

And I ditched my PCP who has done nothing for me in a year. I was stuck with him for a while because he had to feel out monthly forms for me to have surgery earlier this year. He wouldn't even fill out my disability form. He had the nerve to tell me that we can address this after my brain surgery because I may not be disabled and able to work. Uh hellooooo. I am not working now because I am disabled. I wanted to tell him off but I decided not to. I am always telling my girls to never react off of raw emotion because it have disastrous repercussions.

I’m glad to see things are finally taking a turn for the better for you, Nykki! Hopefully Ohio disability approves you’re case. If anyone deserves it, it’s you. Mothering you’re sick children all while going though hell, I wish I was half the person you are. Stay strong, and good luck!

Gladto hear that you were able to see a better provider, Nykki! I felt better myself after I saw the Neuro here instead of the PA (they still don't think that my issues are the result of my Chiari right now, but she said that if the treatments we're going to try don't work, then we'll look at other treatment possibilities). It's amazing how you make it through each day... keep it up, girl!