In the hospital

I came to the ER last night because my arms and legs are feeling weird. When I got here my blood pressure was very high, my heart rate was high and my EKG was bad. I stayed in the ER till about 1 am and they moved me to the cardiac unit. They haven’t done anything to find out why my arms and legs feel this way, and I’m being monitored right now. I miss my kids and feel like my body is trying to give out. Partly because now my muscles feel very weak and strange. I’m really starting to freak out and I’ve been crying for hours.

I'm so sorry to hear that Retromommy... I really hope they figure out what's going on quickly and you're back home with your babies soon.


Katrina W.

Sorry you are in the hospital! I hope they find out what is going on asap!

The doctor just told me he ordered a full spinal MRI!

sorry to hear you are hospitalized. Prayers for you and your family. One thing to discuss with the cardiologist is an associated syndrome with CM. It is called POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) it fall under the orthostatic intolerance even though it is a dysautonomia. I know I have it with my CM/SM and others too here as well, something to look into.

Praying for you.



I hope you're feeling better today. I am so sorry your going through this but I am very happy you went to the hospital. I was very worried about you after our talk the other night. The silver lining is that they are going to run a full spine MRI. That should help get you a better idea of what you are dealing with. We are all praying for you and we are here for you. Keep us updated.


This sounds very similar to an ER visit I had, except that since i had recently had scans - they didn't need new ones... Eventually after being given an oxygen mask and told to calm down, I yelled at them that this was not working. They threatened me with a shot of Ativan, and I just said yes, please give me the shot! Turns out it was just a really bad anxiety attack. Scariest experience of my life. After an hour or less, all my vital signs returned right back to normal and my parents had to come pick me up.

I hope all the best for you <3 If they find nothing, this could be your answer, i believe it's caused by the Chiari putting pressure on the medulla or brain-stem(?).

good luck darling <3 much love

They did a full MRI of my spine, a cine MRI, and of of the brain. No syrinx, my spine is fine. My csf flo is normal there is no obstruction. Still have loss of sensation on left side though.

Did your NS look at the CINE MRI or just the radiologist on staff? My CINE was read as no blockage but when my NS reviewed it he said the flow was not actually normal. He says it's kind of stopped for a few pulses then a gush and this keeps repeating, he says this abnormal flow explains a lot of my symptoms.

No I’m taking my NS the images and report when I get out of here.