I'm still scared and alone

I had a less evasive decompression surgery in May 2015 At Swedish hospital in Seattle Wa. My pressure headaches never went away. My dizziness has continued to get worse, and my head feel like its in a fog. I have had to start walking with a cane, and have stopped driving my car. My surgeon just keeps telling me to be patient because it takes 6-12 months to heal from this surgery. I'm getting worse every day and I don't know what to do. I'm scared! It sounds pretty common for people to have two surgeries for chiari is that true? I'm afraid I will get worse!!!

Hi there Cher, I'm sorry you're not feeling so great at the moment. What I've come to understand from our members here is that the recovery after surgery and the outcome is highly individual but that, as your surgeon is saying to you, it can take around a year before you can really say for sure. I wish there was a pill which made all of us 'patient patients' because all the waiting is so tough.

I've been trying to practice some mindfullness and relaxation exercises lately and wonder if this might help you too. I started with the exercises on Frantic World as they start at just a few minutes long. I was reading that to get the benefit you have to practice every day and that it can take a month or so to start reaping the reward ... I'm working on it.

Kindest, Jules