I'm in so much pain!

I had surgery on April 18th 2015 I came home yesterday and I think I may have overdone it! My head hurts so bad and my incision is so swollen and just aches! I can not get comfortable! Could this be from not keeping my head elevated enough throughout the night and is there anything I can do to get some relief?

Hi, Tamkay.
I am sorry you are having this much post-op pain. I think you should let your doctor or surgeon know if you haven’t yet to be sure you don’t have something going on and to discuss pain relief.
In the meantime, let’s see if others have any experience they can share as well.
I hope you find relief soon. Please keep us posted.

Thank you! I feel much better today!!

We’re so glad to hear you’re feeling better.
Stay strong.:slight_smile: