Can anyone tell me after my baby has surgery she will be in icu … she is 3 can I stay with her Or not ???;???;;;

After my son had surgery (he was 6), he was in ICU for one night and I was able to stay with him the whole time. The only time I wasn't able to be with him was when I was waiting for him while he was in recover. The hospital was excellent. They even let me lay with him in the bed ( I didn't move much because he I didn't want to make sudden moves and hurt him) because he was upset. Now, the ICU isn't comfy and I sat in a wooden rocking chair all night (didn't sleep). So you will want ot bring laptop, book, (or whatever you can to pass the time).

Thank you so much

My daughter had surgery when she was 4yrs old. In the PICU one night, then to the regular pediatric unit. I stayed with her day and night the entire time (even in the regular pediatric unit). We have Kaiser and they have a small couch that converts to a bed in each room. The accomodations will depend on the hospital. You can call the hospital to get more information or the NS's nurse may know.

I packed a bag with comfy sweats to wear at night and thick socks (hospitals can be very cold). Our hospital even had a special room with a shower that you could use as necessary.


Chiariwife is right on the money (as usual! love her!!)

I just wanted to send you good energy, love and prayers! As a patient it's tough, but as a loved one, ESPECIALLY a parent, it's got to be even harder. I guess on the positive side, she is being treated at a young age and we always hear how the younger the patient the better they do. I hope this is true with your baby girl!

God bless you and your little one!

Monique XOXOXO