I swear I'm getting worse? Bone ache?

eh up,

ive seen the rhumatologist who has stated my heart is fine after the echocardiogram, but hes going to monitor me as i have "marfans like" syptoms, but no major issues from it. my neurologist is sending me for a scan on my spine due to suffering pain in my right lower leg.

this weekmi swear im getting worse. my headache is more severe, especially at the back and in my neck, feels like ive got whiplash. but im gettin these "bone pains" almost anywhere, forearm, neck, shoudler,thumb, leg, hip. mostly my right side but occasionally left. its a sudden intense pain like ive knocked the bone (like when you catch your elbow or angle bone onmsomething). it can last 10 seconds or and hour, it throbs as if with my heart beat, and is driving me potty as it then makes my head worse.

im seeing my gp tomorrow, so may ask for any other painkillers or to speed up the referal backmto my neurosurgeon. plus my wifemismoff work with stress as shes getting bullied by her boss. we're moving housemin a week, and 1 dog is in the vets have a £2500 operation that now might not be covered by the insurance!

its all go and im getting more tired, more in pain and altogether more grumpy.


I am so sorry Martin! I wish there was something I could do to help! I hope your issues ease up soon and that your doctor is able to help you with pain until you can get back to the NS! Hang in there!

I too have a lot of “bone” pain. Mostly in my arms. My doctors say it is really nerve pain. I take Lyrica now and it seems to help me.

I am a little over a yr post op and am now experiencing bone pain all over. It is awful and it is everywhere. I have an appt with a Rheumatologist in March, I will be interested to see what he has to say. I had tests done for arthritis and Lupus and all were negative. It is so painful and there seems to be no rhyme or reason. I was put on steriods and it seemed to relieve symptoms for a little while but they are back. My NL says Fibromyalgia possibly? I guess I will see in March.