I need to vent

How can a veteran who's physically fit with nothing wrong or supposedly nothing wrong with her end up where she's constantly in pain, can barely sleep because of pain. Cant fight pneumonia off after 4 weeks of antibiotic. Meds have made me gain weight and I don't even feel like myself. I cannot concentrate. I cannot deal with this crap anymore. I keep getting told that Mayo will fix me up. Can anyone guarantee that? My NS and NL here in Waterloo knew since Nov 2011 what was going on and did not tell me, did not deal with it. Now look at me!!! I cannot get rid of this pneumonia at all and it's been 4 weeks now, now my GP wants to throw another specialist on top of it all.
I used to run for miles, do push ups, pull ups, god I miss working on my jets, I want to climb up on top of one bird and do a HDU again, just once!!!! I'll be happy just to fuel my bird again. I miss being on the ocean, thats where I belong not worrying about apts!!!

So sorry for all of your pain. I will be praying for you that you get some comfort soon and can return to what you love best! Hang in there!!


Honey, I am so sorry. I felt the exact same thing when I had Chiari dropped in my lap. You probably do need to see a Pulmonologist if you have had pneumonia for a month & it's not getting better. Chiari Sucks !!!! We just have to make it day by day or hour by hour sometimes. Always remember you are not alone.

I will be praying for you,

Tracy Z.

sorry that your feeling so bad. i no that pneumonia sucks i had it last year and my dr recommended me to get the pneumonia shot that last for about 4 or 5 years, and it seemed to help me this year

So sorry you have all this going on....i think all of us have felt like we've been dumped on and just want our lives back.

i hope you get rid of the pneumonia soon..i guess the best bet would be one of the lung specialists..but i have no clue i never had that...

I hate to say it but, the reality is NO ONE can guarantee you anything. A lot of things depend not only on the right doctor(surgeon) but on your very own body!

Wishing you all the best. We're here for you