I need some opinions about pseudo

My fingers are tightly crossed as my daughter has returned to school and tennis at 5 months post op. she has/had a large pseudo. Since being on meds to decrease the production of CSF she has seemed well except for being tired. My question is has anyone had a pseudo go away on meds? I am nervous to have her meds decreased or stopped as I fear the return on the pseudo. Do meds work thus well if a pseudo is still present? She has NO headaches! Any advice/info is greatly appreciated :). Her MRI is in December. Thank you!

Hi Jo,how is she doing? I was tired on the Diamox,think its a side effect.They took me off it because they said it was making the headaches worse with the lack of csf production.I had another mri 2 weeks ago and mine hasnt changed since April,having the surgery to repair it on the 3rd Oct.My NS said that u can have a pseudo but not have any symptoms and in cases like that they just watch wait and see.Mine is causing me alot of pain,not just in my head but in my back too.So good to hear that she isnt having any headaches with hers because for me thats the worst with the psuedo.I hope she carrys on doing well,she has been through enough already.

Love Denise xx