I know something is wrong with my son still but his NS says NO

My 18 year old son had a 47 mm herniation as well as a 16 mm syrinx and was decompressed Oct of last year...I asked about his RO and BI and was told it was mild and "surgery to fix it was a surgery of a greater magnitude so lets wait and see how it is after suregery". Well he has not recovered from isses post surgery and had a new MRI done in March that shows that his brain has slumped as well his brain-stem compression seems worse, when I asked if his RO and BI was now a issues and if thats why he has not gotten better I was told it is no longer a concern and his images look like that of a normal brain.......My son has pain in his legs, arms, back and neck if he sits, walks or stands for a certain length of time, he coughs when he eats and occasionally vomits, he is NOT the young man he was prior to surgery. But what do you do when your sons NS says it looks great??????

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I would seek a second opinion. That is not right.

Nina, getting additional opinions sounds like a good idea. Please keep us posted, and I hope you son feels better soon.