I just don't know anymore!

How do I know if I have a CSF issue, or if they didn’t take enough out in surgery? I didn’t get a duraplasty. And all my symptoms, and some new ones are coming back. I had syringomyelia and my back is hurting a lot like before surgery when I had it.

I would go back to my NS and ask for a CINE MRI to see if your flow is blocked at all. The dura is a tricky thing...opening it puts you at risk for more complications but not opening it can cause an inadequate decompression which could be what you are experiencing. There is really no way to tell without getting some testing. I'm sorry you are in this situation. I know it's very frustrating!

Danielle, I’m sorry you are still having symptoms. I agree with Anglyn- the cine will show the flow of CSF. If your surgeon doesn’t order those maybe consider looking around for an NS or even an NL who will. How long ago was your surgery?


my surgery was 2 years ago!

Yeah, I would truck myself back to the NS get a whole new set of Mris including the cine. Again, I’m sorry you’re symptomatic 2 yrs later.