I am looking for a brilliant doctor in NYC, please advise?

Hello !

I am looking into having surgery done

I was diagnosed with Chiari 1 malformation in August 2012. My cerebellar tonsils extend approximately 7-8 mm below the foramen magnum. Everything else looks normal.

I am looking at getting a second MRI done because it has been almost 3 years and to my knowledge, things can change and I have had increasingly bad headaches over the past few months. I am looking into having surgery done. I am pretty set on the idea because of all the successful surgeries I have heard about and my headaches seem to be getting worse.

Please advise me on some good doctors in NYC that I can see, so that I don't have to sift through the many that don't know what they are talking about.

This would be very very helpful.



I am looking for one is South Africa Johannesburg - any suggestions for me

I recommend Dr. Neil Feldstein.

In response to my own thread, I ended up seeing Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield at Weill Cornell. He was amazing. I had surgery done two weeks ago and I have never been better. This is in regards to finding a doctor in New York City.

That is such great news, Judith. May you continue to get better and better. Keep us posted because it's the success stories that help keep us positive. It truly is a happy new year!

How are you doing now, Judith?

I am hoping to get an appointment with him as well! I’m glad you’re doing well!