I am 10 days post op and have some questions

I had my surgery on 10/03/2012 I was released from the hospital on 10/05/2012. I was sent home with Hydrocodone and Decadron taper. The Decadron taper was done tues morning 10/09/12. wed. morning I woke up not feeling right and by that night I was I the ER because I was throwing up so violently. They did a CT and saw that my brain was still swelling so they put me back on the Decadon again.I felt much better even before I left the er and continue to feel ok but I woke up at 4am this morning with fluid leaking out of my stitches!! I don't know if it it CSF or what! I'm not sure if I should go back to the ER or just try to wait it out till mon. and call my Dr. This is so frustrating! Thanks in advance for any help!!

I agree with everyone above...get it checked out at the ER. And Beeba speaks the truth...3 of our ER visits were on a Sunday!

I made it through the weekend and went to see my neurosurgeon he took out my stitches and put in 4 new staples where the leak was! as long as there is no more leaking and nothing changes he doesn't think I need to do anything else!