How to wear hair immediately after surgery

Hi Friends,

I just had surgery two weeks ago and my stitches removed yesterday. I have really thick curly long hair and am now wondering what I should do with it while I am healing? I wasn’t sure if you should wear it up as much as possible to let air get to it or if I should wear it down to hide it? Any suggestions? I wasn’t sure if one hurt either way?

Thanks so much Beeba!!! That’s what my mother thought but I just wasn’t sure. This is all so new for me. It really does make sense though. :). I will take your advice and wear it up at home and a low ponytail out.

Thanks again :).

Me too… Up while at home and either down or in low, loose pony when out and at work. :slight_smile: how are you feeling?

I would wear it down because this nurse in the icu told me having your hair up builds pressure in your had we don't want another headache after surgery.. KEEP IT DOWN .. I had to donate 10 1/2 inches before surgery to locks of love.. hair down to shoulders now 2 months post op

I kept my up all the time after surgery like Beeba and also have thick long curly. Being up didn’t bother me one bit.
I recently had a sleep study and they told me they don’t usually have patient with 10 pounds of hair. :slight_smile: