How many have this kind of swelling & pain?

Hello All,

Just wondering how many people out there have swelling in the back of neck, top of shoulders and hunch back area? It goes down the middle of my back just below shoulder blades. The swelling does go away along with the pain after I rest, put heat on and take motrin. Also alot of pain, numbness, weakness in arms, hands, face, upper back neck etc.... I have a 5mm chiari and Intracranial Hypertension. I am holding off on surgery for now.

I am going to try to post a couple pictures. Please let me know what you all think.



549-SAM_0313.JPG (1.86 MB) 550-SAM_0317.JPG (2.01 MB)

I agree with the others, you need to see a doctor ASAP!

Thank you all for responding. This swelling comes about after I do to much (shopping for heavy things, planting some plants, cleaning etc....) Along with the swelling I get alot of muscle spasms in the area. The doctors think the spasms start first which in turn cause the area to become inflamed. When it happens I take ibuprofen, put heat on it and lay down. It goes down in about an hour. When real bad I take a muscle relaxer which helps also.

I have been to numerous doctors and even had a cat scan done while it was swollen. No one knows what is going on - UNTIL i went to the Wisconsin Chiari Center in August 2011 where I had my last MRI and several other tests done which confirmed 5mm chiari, no syrinx no tethered cord. I also have some cervical stenosis. I seen Dr. Heffez and Dr. Mitchell at the Wisconsin Chiari Center.

I have several reasons for not wanting the surgery now. The most important is I am allergic and react to many many things. One thing I am allergic to is a preservative that is in so many things from industrial cleaners to meds and creams. Last time I went to ER and was admitted with all allergies listed - I broke out all over my body (which lasted about 3 weeks) and I found out it was from the soap I used in my hospital room. Could you imagine what would happen if they used something for this surgery that I was allergic to? I am also allergic to sulfa based drugs (thats why no diamox) Another reason is I am not in severe pain. I am lucky in that regards. I always have pressure in my head and numbness in my hands and neck pain and pulsating tinnitus, but all the other stuff come and go and I am getting by. I do not have the greatest quality of life but it could be alot worse. I have talked with so many people that wish they never had it (actually gotten worse) and alot that feel much better so I am in a wait and see mode. Also Dr. Heffez was the only surgeon that would operate. Other doctors I have seen here in Michigan dont think I am bad enough. My insurance changed to HAP in January. I used to have blue cross. So now I can not go to Wisconsin. Sorry for the Novel, but I wanted you all to know I am ok.

I will keep you posted.