How Long Were You On Steroids Post Surgery?

Mike came home from the hospital off steroids. 2 days later were in the ER for inflammation because of it, so they put him back on steroids and it made a world of difference. It was a taper down dose pack that ended this morning, and by late today he has had a few spells of the "wooziness" that landed us in the ER last Monday. So, as you can imagine, he's nervous that it's going to get worse now that he's done with round 2 of steroids.

How long did you take steroids post surgery? Any problems coming off of them?

I was unaware they gave them to you. Do they give them to everyone?

I assumed so. Our NS said he puts all his CM patients on them because of inflammation at the cerebellum caused by surgery to keep the pressure down.

huh... makes sense I guess.

I wasn't given steriods after surgery.


I had steroids, but they gave me conflicting directions so I came off them earlier than intended. Six weeks out, still on other anti-inflammatories trying to manage headaches from muscle tension, etc. (Also muscle relaxants, though that isn't directly relevant.)

Everyone is different. Call the NS if you think the warning signs are there that he's going to start vomiting again. I haven't got a clue about steroids and how long you can be on them, but they should know and help you manage. Good luck to all of you.

I had steroids, I was on such high doses at the hospital that it was a two week step down. Hated them with a burning passion and would have stopped taking them cold turkey if I didn't know it was a bad idea. Didn't have any problems coming off of them though. I hope he's able to come off of them without any issues soon.