How long have you had symptoms?

I was wondering how far back you can trace your symptoms? I had symptoms as far back as 1976, when I was 8. I was diagnosed until last year.

Looking back I can attribute a choking symptom. At 18 yrs old I ate a bagel, then hours later realized the bite I has swallowed was actually still on my throat. In my 20s I frequently dislocated both shoulders (eds).It wasn’t until a car accident 4 years ago that the intractable headache started. Then in physical therapy I squirted a host of other symps-dizziness, nausea, limb weakness, etc.

I remember being really young (maybe 6) and telling my mom that my head felt 'asleep'. I also thought everyone had buzzing in their ears and almost passed out when screaming (like at a concert) =) Didn't everyone's face feel numb sometimes? Why would I even think to ask, it had been that way for as long as I could remember. I agree, Emmaline, I didn't go on the swings often but the Tilt a Whirl was one of my favs! I, too, was diagnosed at 55. An MRI for my 3rd spinal fusion found the tonsil and off I went on this new adventure. I had surgery on my 56th birthday and have had some relief but it's a long row to hoe. I still am amazed as I continue to find symptoms that are from Chiari that I always thought were 'normal'. If you have never known anything else but this battle, I guess it is your normal.

Totally agree about thinking things were normal. It’s all I knew. Now my husband and I look back at things over the 20 years we’ve been married and say “remember when we thought (fill in the blank) was weird? That was chiari.”

I had some symptoms all through my childhood,problems learning was a issue and then no one really gave Any extra help so I fell behind and failed the 4 th grade that was devastating for me,Ifelt that I tried my best but couldn’t help not learning.Before I was 5 I began to have passing put spells,and aching sometimes,ringing in the ears.When I had my first pregnancy my arms would get numb after his birth they continued to get worse.I really got very sick in my early 30s for 5 yrs. there was no help,it got better when after a Dr.started giving me something for sleep that made a difference,but I was still really sick.There was surgery done to try to help me,a rib removed on each side to open the thoracic outlet,not too much help.The headaches only was a issue the last 5 yrs.before my surgery,I found Dr. Rosner for myself and got decompression it is a wonderful thing,I am struggling with some other issues right now but I will see him next Monday hope we can address these symptoms.I’m 61 now so it has been a long journey to this point looking forward to a better future,wishing you all better health too.

Just recently diagnosed last month, but realizing that I’ve had these symptoms all my life, yes the tilt a whirl is my fav! What’s up with that lol just so greatful to have an answer, I thought it was literally all in my head, lol I just wish my mom were still here, I swear I know in my heart this is what she suffered from as well.

I cannot believe all the Tilt-a-Whirl stories! If you put me on one of those (before or after surgery) my head would explode. Interesting how different we are. So glad I found this group.