How is everyone been?

I haven't been on here in awhile, how are all of y'all doing? update on me: I feel terrible, non-stop headaches, have trouble walking for long periods as my legs go numb, having seizures, double vision, dizziness, lack of appetite you know all the regular chiari symptoms. Oh and recently got officially diagnosed with POTS. and was put on a new medicine for it (Pyridostigm) Has anyone here been on it and had a positive effect for it? I was already taking Midodrine and Metoprolol which helps with calming my heart rate, and raising my blood pressure. I'm so ready to have a break from this pain,and problems even if its just for a day or two!

Hi Rosey,

Sorry to hear you're struggling with all those symptoms. I know it's rough, but try to keep your positivity as intact as possible, and remember there are great supportive communities like CS when you need them.

Hopefully someone experienced with Pyridostigmine can chime in; wishing you the best of luck finding some relief there.