How do you find out if your child has CM like yourself?

Two of my kids have started to experience headaches.

The 5 year old started 6 weeks ago. He just started school but came home from his grannies. Complaining of a headache. Knowing what most headaches feel like I let him lay down in a dark room with no noise. He came back to where I was laid down had tv on low volume. He acted like he was ready to cry grabbing his head. Threw up about 5 times that night. I officially consider it a migraine at that point. Took him to his pediatrician. Unfortunately flu is going around so he does a flu test and a strep test has neither. He had a little red in ears(never had ear infections before). I then try to explain to the doctor that I have borderline CM. I have heard others in my family have it as well. He ignores me says he doesn't know what is wrong with my son but if it happens again to bring him back... At a diff doc he has had blood test after blood test when he was 1-4 he would get sick with infections a lot to find out he has all symptoms of Leukemia except the one they use to diagnose it. He has a low white blood count so his immune system stays down. all they have checked is his blood no MRI. Now he randomly says his head hurts will complain about his legs. he has a speech impairment. I am just now able to understand him and he is 5. Has had a cough for 4 weeks makes him spit stuff up... I just need to know is this how it starts in children. My 4 year old is healthy speaks clearly.

My 1 yr old grabs at his head all the time as well. I think his is just from the ear infections he gets tubes tomorrow but we have to wait and see if he continues to grab his head at the back and cry. before a doc will listen about him. They say its possible he could be having headaches but they dont know. He has been one of those babies that threw up every time receiving a bottle. Now transitioning to the sippy cup and he loves it but doesnt seem to swallow the milk its like he just sucks it till his whole mouth is full then it falls out of his mouth. he also has tried a reg cup like sippy cup some goes down but most goes all over him. I pay attention to my kids and babysit other babies n kids. I have never seen trouble swallowing the drink or milk from a sippy cup/cup.

Basically what are the symptoms in children?


I took my daughter to a NL b/c she was getting head aches..FINALLY , the NL agreeded to order an MRI of the brain...thank God it was negative.

I was just wondering the same thing. My 10 year old son is constantly complaining of headaches. They don't seem to be as bad as migraines, but he has these headaches at least three times a week. I am not sure that any 10 year old should be having headaches that much and if that is normal or not? He comes home from school and goes to lay down. Yesterday he slept for about 2 hours and then he felt a little better. I don't want to jump on it, but I also don't want to let it go either. What location would these headaches be located at in children? Anyone know? The same as us adults?

My kids doc used to say that about my kids that they to young to have headache and migraines till one happened in the office that's when I got the I don't know whats wrong answer. On the 10 yr old I would suspect something is wrong for him to complain that much on headaches and for him to lay down you know he is getting bad headaches try to figure out if anything is bringing them on like light, straining or noise being he can answer you on them. If I tried to concentrate on stuff at 10 yr I would get small headaches. But I'm not sure on where it was located my memory is terrible. If you want to make sure you have enough ans for the docs questions just keep a log on it at first till you have the frequency, what he is doing that brings them on. I wish my kids were 10 so they could ans the questions.

My grandaughter's neurosurgeon told us that even in children ( my grandaughter is 4 ) the headache is usually in the occipital area (the back of the head).