How do ppl copy no working?

Hi ya all just need to know how you can have your dreams just sat there knowing that one day you may just be not in so much pain n able to go back to work cos it kills me! Sorry hope I don’t up set any one with my post

You have to stay positive about your life. You get lemons you make lemonade. Dont go down the dark path of depression its cold and lonely. Dreams are what keep you motivated and staying motivated helps everything else. I was just taken out of work and dont know when I'll return or if in the same profession, but hey thats the way its so just make lemonade. Keep your faith and lean on it and all your loved ones you'll make it through. Keep dreaming and aspire to make them come true.

I think we have to make a choice. We can make the best of it or we can wallow in it. Sometimes it is easier than others, but it's important to try to think of every single day as a fresh start with hope.

(and I rely heavily on God, that is where I turn for strength and peace)

Thanks all I do understand what your all saying n it means a lot that you all answered my post! I was a carer n student nurse can not go back to looking at other ppl when I still have fluid on my spaniel cord cos can not do my job my boss is very nice n have let my job open but can not look after myself some days!