How do I

Hey all! Just wondering if anybody can tell me how to save my MRI pictures to my computer...There are a lot of them and I was just wondering if I have to change them to a JPEG or what because I had to download software just to view them.

I can't remember what the software was called but it is saved as Image J on my computer...that was the name that automatically saved

You should be able to just right right click on your mouse and his save as. You probably want to select Computer then Pictures and give each one a name. That way when you need to look for them you can go right to Computer >and then Your Name Sayame > then Pictures > then name them and save!

I saved all of them as a jpeg because my computer wouldn't open them unless I did, something about file format not able to be opened...after I saved them all as a jpeg they showed up right away...I put them in a folder in my pictures so I remember where they are.