Hot Yoga

I am starting to figure out ways to get my body into shape and I am very interested in doing some hot yoga. However, I'm slighlty concerned about my CSF flow and how it will be impacted. I'm 9 weeks out of surgery on Tuesday. My new motto is that I want to try new things and I can't be scared that something may hurt. Didn't know if anyone has tried it...let me know!




One of my therapists years ago trained with Baron Baptiste and then opened a hot yoga studio. She said it would be very good for me. This was prior to diagnosis and decompression. I tried it and it was just too hot for me and too dificult. She was someone I really respected and she taught me a lot about my body and about trigger points. She was a Neuromuscular Therapist and very bright and she swore by it's positive effects on the body. You seem to be doing really well. I would just make sure you are pacing yourself and try it if want to. Just let them know your situation. Any good yoga teacher will modify the poses for anyone that has limitations or that is recovering from surgery. They may even let you try the room out prior to the class to feel the level of heat involved. Just don't be too embarrassed to take a break or leave class early if you need to. The room is heated between 85-105 and it is usually an advanced group of people that have done yoga for years and want to make it more challenging. The sweat pours off of everyone. That's why I couldn't do it. It was way to hot and way to dificult. Just be careful.



You need to be really careful. Some people with Chiari see their postive results from surgery dissipate over time. If you are already feeling run down and having symptoms after the 5K I wouldn't push it. Being a nurse you know you are still healing and will be for some time. If you want to try yoga what about yoga without the heat? Or try the heat with out the yoga by going to a sauna before you try them together? Or like I said try the room beforehand. Most places have to keep the room heated when the class isn't going on because they can't get it that hot that fast. If you are that stubborn will you really walk out if it's too much? I know you are feeling better after surgery and you want to jump start your life now that you have some relief but you have to cherish it and take care of yourself.

I completely agree with Beeba I would not do any of the poses right now that has your head pointed at the floor.You don't want your brain moving like that and you only want to do things where you are not straining. If you do do any type of Yoga ask the instructer to modify it for your situation not just for a beginner. I don't know if it's available near you but I did Thai Yoga/Massage for awhile and it was fantastic. The woman that did it taught traditional yoga also and gave me stretches to do at home as well.It's a one on one session and the instructer helps stretch you on the floor supported with pillows and a padded mat. It's very gentle and very supportive and you are always having a dialoge with the instructor to tell them what you are comfortable with or not. There is no straining Please think about what you would tell a patient or a loved one in your situation.

I am so sorry about your dog. We lost ours a few years ago and we all still cry when we talk about her.

Vent anytime...We are here to support each other.

This is a video of Thia Yoga. Some people call it Thia Massage. I sould have said something in my first post to you but I had forgotten about it. I have tried almost every type of bodywork there is.


JennRN said:

Thanks Wendy! That was what I was thinking. I've had really no symptoms for weeks, but over the last week or so, I've started to have a few that are slightly concerning. I'm hoping that I am overreacting. I've been getting a lot of pressure headaches in the front of my head (but I also have rotten allergies) and when I get up in the morning, I have blind spots in my peripheral vision for a second, and then it goes away. I did a 5 k on Saturday and felt great, but have basically been exhausted since then. I'll be due for my post op CINE at the beginning of November.

I tend to be an all or nothing kind of girl and am VERY stubborn. I have a tough time listening to my body because I just want it to be all better and to put this all behind me. Whenever I have any kind of symptom (even though it could absolutely be related to something else) I panic. I think I am still scared that someone is going to pull the rug out from under me and that this can't really be this good. I've also had a lot of stress though. Been back to work with limited hours for 2 weeks and having to put my family dog to sleep last week. Sorry, I'm venting. I get scared to admit that anything doesn't feel right.

I am going to try the hot yoga, but going to give myself another week. I think it would be good for me physically and emotionally to deal with stress and anxiety. I'm pretty excited. I am definitely going to talk to the teacher and explain the situation. I have no problem sitting some things out. The studio I am going to go to have beginner to advanced classes. We'll see!