HOT Symptoms

So another question. I get the worst neck/head pain when it’s hot. Like it feels like a rush of pressure that hangs out, well it feels like a lifetime but is probably a few seconds but I can’t move my head/neck til it passes. It definitely seems to be worse when it’s hot or my body is hot. Does anyone else have this problem?

Hey Erica,
I too have issues with temperature and the heat is the worst, being that I’m in Australia in summer, OHH WOW, I can overheat really easily. I’ve found I need to regulate the ambient temp if at all possible. My home has ducted reverse cycle air conditioning which we had installed and this assists in maintaining a constant inside temperature. In the heat (35+C) I don’t venture out. I need to keep my fluids up.

My temperature gauge has been all screwed up. During two of my surgeries they had to pass through my hypothalamus, which plays a major role in temp regulation. In the cold I tend to sweat which only makes me colder, but in the heat I don’t seem to sweat much at all and can overheat something terrible.

My wife is a bit older than me, she had some awful menopause symptoms including hot flushes, well I get those same flushes, only worse. In it’s bad stages I was getting waves of hot and then cold, hot then cold. At night I’d wake up saturated and shivering. I’d actually have to get out of bed a dry myself with a towel. I was sweating so bad the woollen underlay on my side of the bed was breaking down underneath me.

And then there’s the headaches. I try to medicate to control the headaches. During the day I can medicate fairly well, but at night, that’s an issue. I’ve taken meds at night before going to sleep and control them that way but I wake with a hangover the next day, often feeling like I need another 8hrs sleep. Symptom management can be SO much fun and from my experience no 2 people are exactly the same neither in type nor effect nor ‘what works’. It’s all very individual.

Merl from the Modsupport Team.

Just be patience keep going it will get better