Hospital Tour

Wow this really feels real now. Our family was given an “official” tour of children’s hospital today. They showed where she would check in, where the OR is, ICU, family kitchen and where all the other good stuff is. They spent time answering all her questions (and ours) and even sent her home with a new stuffed dog to bring back to the hospital with her. It was way beyond anything I expected. Now, it all seems so close and I am terrified for her. I just want it all over with and to know my baby (she’d clober me if she saw that) is ok.

That's wonderful that they did a tour like that for you guys - I hope that knowing where she is going to be in the hospital and what everything looks like will be helpful her. I'm an adult and I would love a tour of my hospital!

PS. I'm 26 and my mom still wants to know that "her baby" is going to be ok. : ) It sounds like your daughter has a great support system in you. Hang in there.