Horner Syndrome

Hi all!! So my neurosurgeon told me my Chiari Malformation is slight…he said a little ober 6mm and the radiologist had said 9mm. He was a little alarmed at something he saw behind my left eye so sent me to an ophthalmologist. She is now saying I may have Horner Syndrome so is sending me to a neuroophthamologist. Has anyone else been diagnosed with this?

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Sharp Doc! Horner syndrome is way to often over looked and neuro surgeons will almost always overlook it as it is a non surgical problem It can in rare instances be caused by a chiari but I’m not of aware of it occuring in the absence of syringomyelia or chiari below C-2

I in fact saw some literature suggesting that Horners is way under diagnosed and is confused by surgeons as being chiari (as you likley know Chiari is a very common occuring condition and is almost always an incidental finding) and going no further. They treat chiari to no effect and create new problems. Horner is most often viral, stroke or injury.

Yes i did read that. I had 3 MRIs done of my spine just waiting on getting to doctor so he can discuss if anything was found in my spinal canal. Everytime a doctor thinks my issue is one thing they end up finding something else.

Not sure what the weather is like where you live but we just finished a bout of about a week of below zero followed by a chinook and another cold spell. The net effect is it drives frost to places it normally does not go and pipes. water lines freeze if you want frustrating try to figure out where the frozen spot is…

There are some logical places where they freeze, and if frozen there they are easy to thaw. There are generally clues but it becomes a whole different issues when it isn’t that spot. There are guys who specialize in thawing pipes. Some are really good some not so much. The popular ones, who have the fastest results, hook a electric welding cable on each end of the pipe and turn on the generator. It works IF the pipe doesn’t melt first OR the ground system to your house isn’t connected and every electronic device in your house doesn’t blow up.

PLEASE DON’T ask how I know this or why my wife sold my wire feed welder that I was learing to use at garage sale while I was out of town.

In much more complex system a neurologist is facing exactly the same issue, as the guy thawing his pipes. His pipes are nerves. Its much easier IF the pipes are frozen in the logical spot (just) like the problem in your nerves. The logical spots are at branches and beginings or ends BTW. If not in the logical spot, finding the right spot can be a laborous situation. If he loses patience (or you lose patience) and he does something radical and big (like welding cables) to get it taken care of really BAD things can happen. You can replumb the house (again don’t ask how I know this or why you don’t use YouTube to learn how to thaw pipes) BUT you can’t replace nerves.

Just curious do you notice your eyes droop or sag? I have a CM diagnosis but this is something I noticed and wondered why the heck this happens plus blurry vision sometimes. I see the ophthalmologist tomorrow. Hoping I learn something. Any advice??

I have never been diagnosed with Horner’s but thank you for posting about a neuroophthamologist. Never knew profession existed.

Like your anology onabut the welder and the horner system. Makes sense😏

I am disabled and have Chiari that has worsened in the last decade. I’m 48 have a history of csf leaks and connective tissue defect (diagnosed with Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder But combine prob with another. Geneticist refused to diagnose my kids and run tests because of the new criteria. So still not identified.
My 22 yr old son has so many neurological symptoms with his neck. He’s disabled and under the care of neurologist in New York. His mri for cervical issues/leaks. Or inter cranial hypotension
My 14 yr old just was diagnosed with aorta dilation this week. Cardiologist is demanding geneticist to run tests. He also has dysautonomina. So all his scoliosis /pectus/flare ribs/shoulders and a few other deformities they don’t dare fix because of the weak arteries . His eye problems started around 18/24 months in sync with autistic symptoms that went away in a few years but they seemed to to come back in adolescence. He had horners since toddler too My 5 yr old daughter has horners, spatial issues, constant gagging, dislocations, constant pain, mast cell Symptoms and dyslexia. As well as dysautonomia. The neuro opthamologist says it’s all related to the connective tissue disorder.

I dont know how it fits in but both kids had horners since 18/24 months. The same time they had macrocephely …large head circumference from 9 mo to 18 mos. 99% to 110%. The skull closes around 18/24mo. So I think it’s all csf related.
Ny younger son is starting with the same neurological issues my older son did at that age (ocd, adhd, aspergers Etc)
Its rediculous how many issues there are. Horners doesn’t bother you but is sometimes the first symptom in connective tissue disorder.