Hoping it will change

got the surgery approval letter from insurance yesterday, (I was away this weekend). Anyhow it approves me only for 2 days. Is this common? Can it be changed. I am unable to get hold of my nurse case manager though I have already left multiple messages even prior to receipt of the letter. The insurance tells me UI have to speak to the case manager to get any more info. TO top it off Chrissy is having preterm labor pains and I can not convince her to go to the hospital or call an ambulance.....I wonder why my head is full of gray at 40

My insurance company just denied my 2 mri for post op insurance is terrible anymore I wish you all the luck

I think it is standard to approve two days at first and then if needed they can approve a longer stay. It is funny that my daughter was dischsrged after two days- makes you think! Very smart of you to be checking before hand- Julia's bills and EOB are starting to pile in now and they can get out of control. I have a seperate file for all the hospital admissions, MRIs and then the surgery. It is alot to keep track of! all the best!