Hope please

Im a little over 4 weeks post op and I’m still having so much anxiety. I’m still dizzy, nauseous, and having heart palpitations. I’ve been having this gaggy feeling, not necessarily nausea because I’ll still feel hungry at the same time. It’s like i could gag or throw up at any moment. Anyone experience this and found it resolve itself months after surgery? I need some hope.

Some of the symptoms take some time to go away for me some of those that you mentioned went away about 2 months after

4 weeks is really early days in terms of your recovery from what is a very big operation. It generally takes at least 3 months for things to start settling down properly. Try not to stress too much, get lots of rest and allow yourself to heal. My first 6 weeks were not good (I was on morphine for the first 2) but 7 months on I am really glad I had the operation. I have no Chiari headaches, my balance has improved significantly, I can lie down to sleep in a normal position and sleep without painkillers, and my pins and needles in my hands and feet have gone. There is hope!

Hang in there and it will get better. This surgery really takes awhile to heal from, and as your tissue settles, things will also get better. I’m not sure if you are still on muscle relaxers or pain medication, but those symptoms also could be side effects if so. Early on my eyes had trouble tracking normally, and I had to do exercises in physical therapy to help correct them. I also had to do major work with balance in therapy. It took time, but even less than six months out, I feel remarkably well. Good luck!

I will be 3 years post op in September. It took me almost a year to feel normal again. Everyone is right the brain is a very complex. We have to step back and allow our body to do what it’s made to do. HEAL!! I am still very sensitive at the surgery sight and winter really makes me hurt. I still have heart palpitations and racing heart rate. My headaches are totally gone but I still have dizziness when my heart rate gets high. But all in all my surgery was a success! Hang in there!