Home from the hospital

Hi everyone:) I'd like to thank all of you for your comments, well wishes and prayers. I had the scope on Thursday and was told that the tumor is benign...THANK GOD! They let me come home on a bland diet and I have many follow up appointments next week. In addition to my friend Chiari, i have acute diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis and the benign mass in my colon. I did not get my MRI's for the Chiari done while I was there. I'm getting them done Wednesday, seeing a surgeon about the mass on Thursday and my primary on Friday. Endocrinologist on Monday and just home sweet home on Tuesday LOL.

While I am so very thankful not to have cancer, I am feeling so very overwhelmed lately. I'm calm and strong while things are going on and then when I'm by myself, I've been feeling very depressed and scared.

It seems like I bumped my head that day on the bus and my life has been in upheaval ever since. I'm having a really hard time accepting and processing all that has happened with my body this past six weeks. First it was the concussion/post concussion syndrome and Chiari diagnosis. Then my trip to the ER-2nd time in two months, for diverticulitis, which I knew I had. I expected to be told it was a flair up and go home on a bland diet. But no, the mass and the fear and waiting for four days was just terrible. It feels like just too much..

My husband isn't really coping well either....I don't know if it's because I look fine and he just wants things to go back to normal or if he's overwhelmed as well.

I just need to keep trying to do what's best for me, to get the care I need so I'll be ok.

I'll be in touch. Thanks so much again to all of you, for listening and letting me get it out, it helps alot.


I am so glad that you’re home and the tumor is benign:) I understand how you feel…I had three Cancer scares in a 6 month period of time. I had several growths in my pelvic area that turned out to be stage 4 Endometriosis. When I had my brain MRI , I was told it was either Chiari or a brain tumor…You already know how this one turned out. I also had to have a suspicious mole removed, which turned out to be non-cancerous. Yes, I was grateful to not have Cancer after all that, but I was still overwhelmed with what I did have. I felt guilty about this, but the truth is…we still were given life changing diagnosises. Dealing with all of this IS overwhelming! I had to start taking medication for depression and anxiety. If you think you might need those meds too, please talk to your doctor. I like to say that I have situational depression/anxiety…Who wouldn’t be depressed after all we’ve been through?! You have NO reason to feel bad for feeling the way you do. Please let us know how your appointments go. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Wow, what a story! Please feel free to keep getting it all out, that is really helping me these days. So glad for the benign diagnosis, but yet you might feel, where do I go from here?

Will be thinking of you, please get lots of rest and focus and you and your husband, and keep us posted.