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Hi new here

Hi and thanks for letting me join. I’m a mum of 3 sons. Happily married.
I have chiari type 1 was found in an MRI that I was having regularly for a migraine and pineal cyst. I also have fibromyalga osteoarthritis to name a few.
My neurologist gave me the option have have nothing done or to see a specialist for chiari. I talked about it with my hubby and family looked chiari up on Internet and decided after 4 months down the line to be referred to see the surgeon I waited nearly 6 months.
I finally had my appointment on 6th March seen the surgeon he went through everything that has affected me and said I’m booking you in for surgery on 11th Aprl had my pre op assessment 28th March and I’m now conunting down the days, I have so much to do before the op… Things like my nails got to get the acrylics taken off and manicure having my eyes tested today, having my hair cut and coloured on 6th meeting up with my sons , my parents who have been so supportive and do so much for me.

Take care red

Good Luck Red! Sending positive thoughts your way-

All the best, I hope you get relief. This is such a volotile condition and any way up has to be positive :blush:

Hi Dawn, wishing you the best and a speedy recovery. I was diagnosed in Dec. Decided no to have surgery. I will be praying for you and waiting for the results of your surgery. Tina from WI, USA

Jennasweb, Sallymagint, tinaj

Thanks for the replies very nervous. Today is the day before i go into hospital having op on Wednesday 12 will try keep you updated. As and when i can get on line.
redchud x

Good luck. Praying it goes smoothly and you enjoy relief!