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Hi I have been diagnosed with Chiari Malformations since 2011. Even since then I have had progressive symptoms like spastic paraparesis and trouble with walking and leg problems. Does anyone else suffer from spastic paraphrases or trouble with walking certain distances? My Chiari consultant said apparently those symptoms it has nothing to do Chiari.

Hi! I don’t know if it is chairi or not but I’m at the point of requiring a wheeledchair part time especially for distances and cannot walk without either leaning on something or using an assistive device. I have been crawling on all 4s up and down the stairs for over two years now. I have chiari but my work up is incomplete. I am curious if anyone else has difficulty walking as well or if anyone else is continuing to have progression of the mentioned symptoms. I hope you get a good response to your poll. I hope you find some of the answers you are seeking. Kris

Hello, I have experienced similar symptoms and have heard the same thing. I believe it is related to my intracranial hypertension and Chiari. I have experienced a number of other weird symptoms.

I definitely have had my walking affected, fine motor in my hands and muscle fatigue/weakness, among my symptoms.

I’m going back to my neurosurgeon in June to talk about these more and get a new mri.

Yes . Chiari yes… after decompression I could walk … without assistance. It 2 as like a miracle

Yes Chiari can affect your ‘gait’. Even though most people with Chiari do not have to use a power chair, I have to sometimes. The neurosurgeon said my trouble walking is caused by my syrinx.

I also have trouble with dropping things sometimes, or walking into walls (when I can walk).

chiari association.org has a chart of symptoms: http://www.chiariassociation.org/. You can print out a copy of their chart for your chiari speialist. Click on ‘view the brochure’: http://www.chiariassociation.org/sites/default/files/ICA_2012Brochure_eng.pdf

Good luck & please keep us posted about how you are doing.

Hi Nancy that you so much for sending me those links and the advice. Just trying to see what I can do even job wise which is hard when you’re in so much pain