Hey All

It has been a couple of months since I have been on here. I had my first surgery on Jan 16th and I was in the hospital for 5 days. I came home and started my PT and Dr said I was doing good. I went to wake me daughter up on Feb 22nd and I ended up blacking out in her room, I hit her bed. She called 911 and they came for me. Long story short on Feb 27th I ended up having my 2nd surgery due to my patch from the 1st surgery leaking. My balance is off and I am dizzy which the Dr. has concerns for. He wants me back next month and if I am still dizzy then possible spinal tap. Has this happen to anyone before. He said my brain is still getting used to not having all that fluid and pressure on my brain.

oh wow how awful, that hasnt happened to me- I am however glad it happened when your daughter was present.

I'm sorry you continue to have issues, I hope you do find relief soon and the dizziness goes away.

I was told it take a while for the brain to "re adjust" to the new change.

Hugs to you!

Hi Shannon...

Sorry you have been through so much and still going through it! My doctor told me the same thng about the CSF ..he out like this...it will take a while, maybe a long while for your brain /body to re-calibrate to the new flow.

The dizziness for me went pretty much away after about 4 mths....I still cannot have a ceiling fan running above me...weird, I know..just makes me dizzy.