is there any recurses out there to help people with kids that the mom has to have surgery and has no family to help

Jen, I’m a mom too and it’s so hard to parent while having these symptoms. I don’t know of anything but I will search around. I def think there needs to be more resiurces for mothers/parents who are experiencing health issues. is a useful way to help organize and motivate your family, friends, neighbors, even local churches to sign up for helpful tasks while you are recovering from surgery. I know a lot of people who have used it. Do you have a point person, jen, who might be able to coordinate for you?

Also you might try dialing "211". In most states that will connect you to most community services. The healthcare facility also has a social worker on staff that can help.

thank you TJ1 i will try that

dancermom ....i typed on that wedsite and i just got confused i have a learning dissabilty and cant read or spell that good so i just got very confused what do i need to click on when i go to the wedsite if you dont mind helping me

There is a Create a Community button on the page (the community would be people who can help you). The main thing to think about is if there is a friend or family member you know who could help set you up. For some reason, people are sometimes more happy to help if asked by a third party than if asked directly by the person in need of help.

really that dnt make since.... i dnt have family here and only have few friends cuz its hard to find friends my age that have kids that dnt party....there was alot of people that thought i was fakeing being sick and my mother n law still dose i had to maill her the papers from my doc.sometimes i feel like im all alone

Jen, get in touch with these ladies:

I think you may find you have some new friends soon.

You can also try here:

or here:

Local support is important.

thank you