I have lots of issues lately.My skin feels like its constantly crawling. My legs and arms feel as though i have blood pressure cuffs on them, i have numbness in arms and legs, my joints all feel like they are bruised ,i cant turn my head, bad headache are back, i can't feel it when i cut myself and when anything hot or cold touches me it feels like acid is melting my skin and sends needles in the back of my head. I keep going from dr to dr because they all keep saying they can't find any thing. Is there anyone else that has these symptoms or am I really as crazy as the doctors say. i just want to get answers. Can someone help me please?


YOU ARE NOT CRAZY!!!!! Just wondering if you have had any recent MRI's , bloodwork, ect???? Are these new Sx's for you or are they Sx's you have had since your surgery but have gotten worse??

Let us know how you are making out. Take care!

Lori I just had MRI's done 2 weeks ago and the dr said as far as he can tell he doesnt see anything wrong. Well something is wrong. so i have taken them to another dr. My bloodwork was just done last week and its normal. The numbness I had pre surgery. all the others have gotten worse since my surgery. I just dont know why no one can take the time to tell me what is wrong.

I have chiari and fibromyalgia. My skin would crawl, I couldn’t even handle clothes on my skin at times too. Are you on meds? I think I was having a reaction to medications. I reacted to the glue in the fentanyl patch. Also reacted to different types of antidepressant in the past. I had been on them for a long time when I realized that is why my skin felt crawly… I hope you get answers soon.

I am somewhat hypermobile. I don't quite understand how i know if i could have eds.

Abby, what is a genetic doctor? I feel stupid for asking.