I am scheduled for my surgery on the 29th....started brewing a sinus infection this week so my pc gave me the z-pac yesterday.....I was told today that most ppl need to be off an antibiotic 10 days prior to surgery...Of course its a Sat and I cant get in touch with anyone...I am afraid to take the antibiotic but i know if I dont its going to get worse as its moving into my chest...lots of coughing and lots of exertion headaches...any suggestions??? My ns is Dr Bejjani at UPMC, anyone out there familiar with his practice??

Thanks I am taking it along with a cough syrup....exertion headaches from the cough are extremely painful...thanks again!

A Neti Pot is great for helping clear a sinus infection, post nasel drip, colds and allergies. It feels kind of strange at first but you quickly get use to it and it ends up being very soothing. They are very inexpensive and they are now carried everywhere after Dr.Oz raved about them on his show. My brother has gotten rid of his life long dibilitating hay fever allergies just by using his Neti Pot and no longer needs medication. This explains how to use them really well.