Help with pain

I recently discovered that oxygen therapy helps. If i get up in the morning and put on oxygen for couple hours then i have a better day. If i get the beginnings of pain it will knock it down or out. If the pain is reallllly bad and i HAVE to be somewhere it will make it bearable. This works for me for chiari pain, migraine and cluster and tension headaches......also i do a oxygen and ice combo. Ice to back of neck and back of head as well for 20 min .

Sometimes there is nothing that helps. I have found the best relief is from preventative and catching it at the start.

Couple times an hr stop and breathe and relax your neck, shoulder and back muscles. It takes a concious effort. But when you hurt you tense up and when you tense up it exacerbates the pain.

ice back of neck,base of skull and if you have neck issues down to your shoulder blades.

I use ibuprofen for the swelling 800 mg.

if you have access to oxygen that will help alot. I often wake up in mornings and start oxygen for 2 hrs to knock down pain while it is at its lowest.

Sometimes a hot shower or bath will help.

im not on any medications that help

hope this helps,