HELP--Post-Op CSF leak?

Hey Everyone-Decompression/C-1 Laminectomy on 2/19
-I have a palm-sized lump of CSF to the right of my scar. It developed as a Quarter-sized lump overnight on 3/19. Painful to put pressure on it. I was seen by my neurosurgeon on 3/25–was told the fluid should re-absorb on its own w/I a year. Since that visit, I again felt ice-pick type stabbing by my scar-woke me up. Now the ‘pouch’ is Palm sized + is on both sides of my scar. Any strain or laying on it & it gallons up to 1/2 of a golf ball on the back of my head. Called neurosurgeon & was given the same answer.
Anyone else experienced this?’

Also—the frontal headaches/vertigo have returned with a vengeance. Shooting pain down my neck, radiating across my shoulder blades again. Any sneezing /coughing & I have to put my hand to my forehead & apply pressure, otherwise I feel like the ‘patch’ will blow. I have no leak from my scar; but the area where the pouch transverses my scar looks ‘stretched’ & like it’s not going to hold–it has not healed together as the rest of my scar has.

Also–I had a duraplasty.

I am not sure about Chiari, but when I was working, I would treat mastectomy clients who had pouchy swelling along the incision with compression. Used an oval shaped slightly weighted disc and strapped in on at the swelling site. Healing times would be about where you are now. Time frames would vary for how long it was needed, but it worked like a charm. Might be worth a call to check if your neurosurgeon thinks it is appropriate - or maybe he has a wound care specialist that he could refer you to.

Good luck with that.

Once you get the swelling and healing established you may ned to look at scar management to help with the sensitivity.

Thanks! I’ve been using cold ice packs–10 min on, 20 min off.