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Help please! 🙏


Well that doctor still didn’t actually believe I had involuntarily collapsed and was insisting I couldn’t lay there (she told a nurse not to help me), at the same time a little Spock voice in my head was telling me that she was illogical because I was laying there :slight_smile: But fortunately another doctor came along, and despite that previous doctor insisting that they didn’t have access to medical records outside of the A&E computer system (absolute rubbish!), he did read my medical history and was also very good (he was a migraine sufferer which probably helped, its hard to understand whats going on without experiencing something similar yourself).

Unfortunately A&E in the UK is very much a lottery, but I’ve learned not to assume the doctor has read your medical history. Anything neurological also goes over too many of their heads,sadly.


I had some similar symptoms and my doctor ordered a tilt table test, which was positive for autonomic dysfunction. I have the option of surgery again, but have chosen just to live with my symptoms for now. Best wishes to you!


Hello, do you have low blood pressure?
I too feel drunk daily, poor balance and the feeling of this is not real. I went to the doctor 3 different occasions for unrelated things in a 2 week lapse, my blood pressure is always low, 80/34, they never worried so I didn’t, but I was reading about it and ever since I bought the compression socks, cross my legs when I start feeling dizzy and get my anxiety going and have something salty; it has improved how I feel, not to mention knowing I can take control of something in my body feels great. I hope this helps