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HELP! Im new here


Hi Everyone,

I could use some help and support here. I was told three years ago i had a cyst in my brain but i was fine because it was asymptomatic, although i suffered severe TMJ issues.

Last year i suffered severe whiplash when i was with my four year old son at the park. In May of this year, I suffered from a concussion when i fell off of a hammock. After the first incident, i struggled with my neck for EVER. I tried physio, massage, chiro, and nothing seemed to get it back to normal and i suffered everyday with neck and shoulder pain. After the concussion, i basically couldnt open my mouth. Since May, i havent been able to chew, its almost as if a muscle or nerve was damaged along the way. I undewent one arthroscopic surgery on my jaw and am now waiting for a second one in october where they will put the discs back into place. Maybe that will help? Anyways, i now suffer with what seems like horrible neck pain and stiffness, along with almost numbness in my face on one side. Behind my skull, it hurts so bad to touch one side and if i touch one spot, my scalp and face get numb. My neck and back and behind my ear tingles and burns and i cannot turn my neck. I went to emerg by ambulance one night because i moved my head one way and i lost sensation in my legs and arms and i had like the WORST head pain i had ever had, i couldnt even lie on a pillow. Since both of these injuries, i can barely turn my neck. When i sleep sometimes, i wake up feeling like im choking and cant breathe. I am told my chiari malforamtion is only 11mm and i had a neck mri and i dont think i have any cavity in my spinal column but am being sent to a neurosurgeon in the next few months. I just had botox in my face for pain, and next week and trying trigger points or nerve blocks in my neck, maybe botox in my neck if that doesnt work.

What would you think? some doctors say my neck issues seem to point to trauma from my injuries, but from all of these symptoms i feel like it could be the chiari. When i went to emerg, i almost tasted metallic in my mouth? They did a head CT and only found chiari. NO idea. I am 28. I work fulltime and have a four year old son. Help me!!! :frowning:


do a search for “chairi and whiplash” and you will be amazed at the information out there and connections between the two.