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Help I hit my head


hi I had surgery in 2016 and just like 5 minutes ago I hit the top of my head on my cuboard shelf witch is solid timber pretty hard it was the top of my head not the back.It really hurt.Should I go to the hospital or am I overreacting. My question is if you hit the top of your head does it effect the part that was operated on?


Hey Chick,
Post surgery I cracked my head on a soap dish in the shower. I was bent over scrubbing my legs, someone flushed the toilet and the water temp went from OK to OMG. I hit the soap dish on the wall so hard I smashed it with my skull.
My wife was so concerned she took me to the hospital. I hit the dish with the crown of my head and the dr’s told me that the top of the head is actually the strongest/thickest part of the skull, so it was unlikely I’d done any damage. They did a scan anyway, but all came back OK. I always knew I was pretty thick anyway lol
But if you are concerned, go get it checked out IMO.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team


Did you see stars? Or even one star for the matter? If so, go get checked. Do you feel like you “got your bell rung?” If so, go get checked.

Per various concussion studies it’s been found that once you have had one brain injury (which brain surgery certainly is, abit in a controlled manner) it’s easier to give yourself another one – much easier than the average person.



hey thanks for the advice ouch! that soap dish would have hurt I think im ok haha I have a massive egg on my head but I also hit my head another 2 times our suv car boot dropped on my head and then I hit my head again! on the same day in the same spot on my head on the top of the car door that’s 3 times in one week I think my luck may change now.My head is very tender and I have a solid egg haha im glad to know the top half is the thickest scull.Hopefully no brain injury there haha.I did feel like I had been smacked with a metal pole the first time the other 2 times it hurt but I actually laughed cause I couldn’t belive how unlucky that was haha