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Help finding a doctor

I live I Lexington Alabama. I have been turned down by 3 doctors already and noone wants to see me as a patient. Does anyone know any doctor around this area that you could tell my story to. Please read my profile. I am scared that I am never going to get help and something bad is going to happen to me .Please help!

Could you elaborate a little more? I saw in your profile that you've had several procedures. Are you no longer seeing that surgeon? Many surgeons do not wish to take over the recovery and work of another's work. ((If you have negative reviews, please don't share that here though! :D ) When did you have the procedures? Were they recently in the past few years or a while ago? Have you been tested for any other type of condition such as Ehler Danlos, dysautonomia, etc.? How significant is your herniation (before and after surgery?) If you are looking for a new surgeon, it may require significant travel time to a larger city or even a different state.

I have tried seeing 3 nero but, each one don’t want to have anything to do with me because of the 1st doctor that done my surgery. He said he could no longer treat me and so I have been on my on look for one myself. My family doctor and my pain doctor have been faxing and doing everything they can but every doc said the samething. I am a high risk. I have fluid on the brain its called hydro something I can’t spell it but I was told I needed another shunt put in to drain the fluid off. But because off the many
surgerys no doctor wants me as there patient. I have emailed the shepherd center in Atlanta Ga. They are supposed to have a great nero

Have you tried asking the first doctor to refer you to someone who WILL treat you? It may be in the same practice or someone that they know.

How long ago were you treated? (The several surgeries)

Have you been able to find a Neurologist? They can help facilitate sometimes and treat other conditions that co-occur.

How significant was your herniation?

Me and my doctor that did my surgery didn’t leave on good terms. So I kind of got lefted out in the cold there.
I was treated by the doctor less than a year ago but he will not see me all.
Cant find a neurologists they all tell me that I am to big of a risk.
I think it was a 2.3