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Hello symptoms return after surgery

Thank you for letting me be part of the support group.
I am not sure how many years I had Chiari, but I had successful surgery in 2013. Recently the symptoms returned, especially the migraines, after another surgery I had on my arm. I also have RA since 25 years. Our daughter also has Chiari, but does not need surgery at this point.
Otherwise, I am married, have two children, two dogs, and a cat. I work 5 days a week; which is sometimes pretty hard when I have one of my bad days.
Anyway, I am glad I found this group.

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Hello and welcome! It is unfortunate that your symptoms have returned. I started working with my neurologist as soon as mine returned, about 6 months after my surgery. I was simply overdoing it, baling hay. I hope you find some support here. I know it has been a positive experience for me, although at times you run into people who are simply downers. I guess that’s life, though.